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Below is a small overview of how long and how different drugs such as MDMA, LSD, weed or speed can best be stored and how long the shelf life is, so that they retain their effect as long as possible. This information is only a guideline and will be supplemented and updated over time.

Shelf life and storage of MDMA

Let’s start directly with the drug that you don’t have to worry too much about, because MDMA can be left in some drawer for hundreds of years without the effect fading away. It’s not for nothing that the great Alexander Shulgin once said that even MDMA from the ancient pharaohs would still be good if they were discovered in the pyramids today. MDMA is also conveniently resistant to heat and light, but it is still best to store it hidden in the dark at room temperature (or in a pyramid).

(The same applies to most phenethylamines like 2c-b, mephedrone, 4-FMP etc.).

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Shelf life and storage of ketamine

Doesn’t last as long as MDMA, but at room temperature you can still store it for several years without worry. It will last even longer in the refrigerator, but otherwise it is not necessary.

Shelf life and storage of LSD

At room temperature, about six to twelve months. Again, it will keep for several years in the refrigerator. I put it in the fridge like this, even if I don’t want to store LSD for that long (as with cocaine, too). It is recommended to wrap the felts in aluminum foil.

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Shelf life and storage of Speed/Crystal

Everywhere you will read that the two drugs last one to two months at room temperature, or sometimes they should lose their active ingredient after a few hours. Maybe, which is why you should put Speed and Crystal in the fridge (or freezer). But I have also found amphetamine a year or more old and it actually still worked! So do not immediately flush down the toilet ?.

Shelf life and storage of hashish & weed.

Several years at room temperature. Refrigerator is unnecessary.

Shelf life and storage of cocaine

At room temperature up to three months. In the refrigerator again several years. As described above, cocaine is also a substance that I put directly into the refrigerator and it stays there. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t do it or forget to do it, as long as you use the stuff promptly. If your cocaine (or heroin) has turned a dark or brownish color, it is no longer good, according to this article on Vice. However, I once had brown amphetamine that also turned extremely rock hard, but that was still good, so do with this info what you will.

Shelf life and storage of heroin

Here the opinions are divided. Heroin boiled up with Asco (ascorbic acid) and water has a shelf life of 24-48 hours according to this forum post, but this user is of the opinion that too many bacteria have already formed in the syringe overnight and it should be boiled up again.

Another writes (spelling error corrected):

So if you fillter the stuff with a 0.2µm sterile filter/syringe filters, then also work otherwise clean, 3 days at cool temperature should fit…. First fill your boiled solution with absorbent cotton or cig filter. Then put this cloudy solution into a new 20ml syringe with Luerlock attachment, Put a syringe filter on it and a needle. Then take a clean syringe, and pull the plunger back as far as it will go. Now fill the solution with the diltzer into the new syringe. deflate the syringe, and put a cap on it. Ready is a syringe that you can keep for 3 days!

And further…

If you use a 0.2µm syringe filter, then you already get pretty much everything harmful out! So you can also do it like this: sbrnfd nut kovkrn (?) and coarse filter, then fill in ne syringe with luerlock- plug. The next day then remove the plug, and put a 0.22µm filter on it. Everything that now comes out of these wilder raukommt, is reasonably sterile! With this 3.4 small syringes are filled, and immediately closed at the front. Important is the storage at cool temperatures

Also here the remark like with the cocaine: If your heroin should have taken a dark or brownish color, it better flushes down the toilet.

„The filth is unhealthy enough as it is, there’s no need to provoke it further.“ – Tec-One.

Shelf life and storage of dried mushrooms.

At room temperatures for several years. Should be stored in a dark place. Again, a freezer or refrigerator would not be mandatory.

By the way, also be 1000% sure that your mushrooms are absolutely dried. I’ve had the unpleasant discovery that I was sold mushrooms that were not completely dried and then everything molded. Not a nice feeling.

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