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0:00 Preview
0:25 Introduction
3:45 Part #1: Come up
09:52 Pre-Flight Jitters
28:44 Coming up
1:03:02 Effects Take Hold
1:54:27 Part #2: Peak Effects
2:12:10 Worshipping The Fireplace
2:32:42 Discussing a Lack of Self Acceptance
2:35:41 The Humour in Miscommunications
2:37:58 Getting Out of Adam’s Brain
2:40:13 Discussing Evil
2:43:13 Dude This Trip is Great
2:49:46 How Come Loops are Scary
2:50:13 Exploring Hell Together
2:55:30 Revealing the DM#
2:57:37 Adam Convinces Adam to Smoke It
3:03:45 Returning Home From DM# Land
3:05:03 Explaining What Happened
3:11:18 Quentin Does and Doesn’t Want Any
3:12:44 Adam Discusses The Insanity of Wanting To Smoke
3:17:22 Discussing balloons
3:32:09 Synchronizing experiences
3:35:46 Entering The Infinite Loop
3:36:15 The Notorious Fist Bump
3:37:01 Exiting To The DING Of a Cell
3:41:01 Adam Says He Will NEVER Smoke DM# Again
3:45:07 Adam Needs The Trip Sitter
3:49:38 Returning To The Camera For A Second
3:52:29 Adam Takes A Trip Killer
3:56:46 Annihilated As The First Wave
4:02:00 Adam is Grateful To Be Alive
5:17:10 Filming The Comedown

Please note this has been created for education and harm reduction. These videos exist to help people be safe through properly educating them about the potential dangers and truths in a non-bias way. Thank you.

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